Abby Ch. 25

Perry last night.’ ‘Yes I did. It shouldn’t be surprising, although we are from different backgrounds, we are of the same generation, and had much in common to reminisce about. I gather that he has taken you under his wing, so to speak?’ Abby smiled. ‘Yes. Sam has been good to me. I quite look upon him as a surrogate grandfather.’ ‘I believe he

I Love Lucy

of siblings fuck, but none of them was never his girlfriend. He grumbles to himself as he replays the events he witnessed two days prior. There is a knot in his stomach and he is beginning to get a terrible headache. A car slowly pulls up beside him and honks. It’s Lucy and she motions for him to get in the car. He is hesitant at first, but after

Breakfast Is Served

open. Who was this sexy apparition before him? he wondered. He stayed silent, not wanting this to be just a dream. In front of the stove, Rissa watched this man, holding a spatula in her hand as she waited for his answer to her query. She tried not to laugh. Oh the look on his face was priceless, she told herself. She had to admit, it was a

My Fantasy For You

between your legs, I begin to knead your thighs with my hands slowly rubbing first the outside, then the inside then back to the outside again. You take your shirt off and I run my tongue along your stomach and down over your hips urging you to lift them so that I can slide your pants off of you. As they come down to reveal your hard cock, I

White Briefs Part 3

fucker is offering the fuckee a girl. "Where are you getting this girl?, how old is she?" I grunted out. "She is 22, Mr. Johnson's daughter, I met her when I did some work at his house. You know how the staff loves free labor," Tony chuckled. "She warmed up to me real quick, I have nailed her a few times, she's the one who supplied the panties

Snuff Girl

kissed her on the lips, kissed which the girl returned hungrily, and they left while the masked woman came into the view and said: “It was the rewards for Miki and Marco for gave us their son and daughter in our shows of months ago. Thanks again guys. Now it’s time for Sasha and Tania for the rewards. You surely could remember the last pregnant

Passion for Him

he even thought about having full sex with her. Picking her up into his arms, he carried her to the bed where he took off her lingerie and swept his hands down her body quickly to give her the sense of tingling nerves. She sighed and moaned at the same time, not sure whether to pull him down to her or just stare at him. Whatever he did to her,

The Kinky Adventures of Bounty and Sara Part 2

to finger fuck me.” “Fine as long as your top goes up while we are headed to Denver. I’m not going to be the only one flashing the truckers.” With that said the girls headed out. Throwing their bags in the back, the girls jumped in and headed to Denver. Nearly an hour had passed, and they were south of Denver. A long line of trucks in the

My Cherie Amour

between her thighs as she awoke from her spell induced sleep. My free hand, now up under her skirt, my fingers playing across the silken fabric of her panties, feeling her building heat and humidity. Continuing my bawdy tale, Sleeping Beauty held his head to her crotch as he told several lies, each making his nose longer and longer, sinking

The Island

came, the more she leaned back and the more her legs opened. When I was at the bed, I reached for her triangle. The lines formed a very dense pattern around it and they merged behind it. She shifted her body more to the headrest so she could place her feet on the bed, too. Not only the part of her butt cheeks that I could see now, but also her


She’d have to find somewhere a little decent, he seemed a nice enough lad, and maybe they’ll go Dutch.“My, you’re dressed to kill!” Sandy her brother laughed. “Looks as if you’re offering your knickers to some lucky guy tonight”“Don’t be so impertinent, you’ve a filthy mind for a boy your age. I don’t know where you get it from?”“I have a horny

Becoming Chloe - Part 13

me, and then pushed against my sphincter. I pushed back, almost instinctively, and then gasped as it slid effortlessly past my entrance and into me. At first, it was just a couple of inches, but then I felt it slide deeper. And deeper. And deeper! Whatever it was inside me took my full attention, and I closed my eyes, trying to focus on relaxing

Brothers Gonna be Pissed Part 2

boxers to the floor. I swear I’d never seen anything as appetizing before, he was at least 8 inches and wide. His cock sprang to attention as soon as his trunks passed his waist. When he felt the cold air he hissed, he moaned when I licked around his engorged head. My hands playing over his chest, I used one hand to hold on to his shaft as I

Bad Teacher Ch. 08

But often we had little chance getting together for a full-out fuck-session, so I was always horny and just waiting to get some release. One evening I lay in my bed thinking about my situation and decided to crank my affair with Carmen up to the next level. So the next morning as I walked into the kitchen, I knew it was going to a risky gamble

Step Daughters' Desire chapter 10

the orgasm when he pulled from her tight little ass and rammed balls deep in her cunt triggering an enormously powerful orgasm gushing cum out around his cock as she shook and squealed. He fucked her hard and deep through her orgasm that was intensified when she saw Diann watching and smiling at her getting so thoroughly fucked. The orgasm lasted

My Sister Returns

move as her sexy butt flesh jiggled slightly from side to side. Her long tanned legs looked perfect as they were topped by my sister’s sweet little tanned butt. My cock oozed pre-cum inside my shorts as I quickly scurried to my room to change. As I got back out to the pool, I was greeted to fantastic view as Amy standing facing me in water just


my slave sister's softening eyes that it also felt "heavenly." After throwing away the second empty shooter, our Master turned to me and slowly began to undress. He did not give me a strip tease, but there was still something sensual and erotic about it, and when at last His hearty shaft came into view, i found my mouth was watering, my mind

Twins, Ch 2

best thing I ever felt in my life!” Mike said, putting his hand on her shoulder. She sighed and leaned into him, smiling up at him. “This is fuckin’ great.” Adriana fumed, pouting. She looked to be on the verge of tears. “My sister is getting stolen away from me.” “No, I’m not, Adriana.” her sister said. “We’ve found our brother, and our

An Officer and a Gentleman-1777 Ch. 04

At 17, the Baroness took me on to help with her children. So you see, Major, the von means nothing to me.’ She took the final piece of clothing from him. ‘Thank you for your help.’ She turned to leave. ‘Wait,’ he said, ‘If you don’t mind, could we go for a walk? Even a short one?’ ‘Well, a short one as it is getting late.’ She took a shawl from

The True Tale of Tam Lin

the slowly setting sun blazes through the trees. The only signs he was ever here are the warmth in my loins, and his seed as it slowly trickles down my leg. Plucked bloom in hand and a smile on my face, I mount my palfrey and make for home.It was two months later that I realised I was pregnant.My father was surprisingly sympathetic, concerned

An Interesting Day

days. He’s more of a philanthropist. He has always wanted to do work in Africa. They’re building a new hospital and he wanted to be involved with it. He did say he’d make it up to me when he gets home. Of course, Lisa his wife will be home. Lisa is my father’s little princess. She doesn’t do a damn thing. I guess with her body and her looks she

Allison's Story Part 1

or anything of value you would have sold it already. Nope when you get to the point that you come to these guys it’s because you are in a state of desperation and unfettered with any possessions of value. These guys are going to size you up run a few medical and physical tests do a little compatibility matching and generally see what you got to

Marvin Leaves the City

out of alignment. Please take me to the dining room for early dinner Marvin and then I can get off home.’ ‘Is that our first date?’ he smiled. She smiled and said to call it what he wished providing he paid for her meal. Dinner was worthwhile time together for Marvin and Abilene as they exchanged personal information. Later when they were leaving

Freya's First Taking Ch. 01

Freya?" I laughed as she began to struggle, her head shaking rapidly."What have I said about squirming bitch?" She stopped struggling immediately and went rigid, almost as if she had resigned herself to her fate. I began to count down from ten, and I could see the panic in her eyes growing with every number. Once I reached the number two I swung,


or his tongue in my pussy. Actually, I couldn’t keep my fingers away from my pussy while he was doing that back there. I was getting really “hot” and asked him, “Can I taste your swimmers, Daddy?” He said all in good time, honey, all in good time. Mommy has been teaching me a lot about sexual stuff like semen, so now I know all about those

Imperfect Ch. 04

and then he left. I stood in the doorway feeling sort of empty. I realized that I should use the time to my advantage and go work on my painting, but I just wasn’t feeling it. I just wanted to grab a bag of chips and curl up with some comfort snacking. Unfortunately, there wasn’t any snack food in the house, so I put on my shoes and headed out

First Encounter After Online Relationship Part 5

she talked about how much it turned her on that you gave her control like this.” Tyrone comes out of the bathroom and she kisses my cheek “You’re a good boy Mattie.” And before she goes, she pats my cock once more and whispers “I hope to find out if you’re as good at licking pussy as Nikki says” and she walks away. My eyes follow her to the dance

A Jessie McClintock Story - GHOST

up after each case to let him explore what her experience had been, but he never showed himself. Truthfully, it left her so wet that some of her greatest adventures had come after a session with the mysterious Dr. Braden. She was pretty sure he was getting off on their sessions as well. One day she figured she’d break the seal with him, and if

Brother shaves sister.

"And as soon as I saw you looking at my pussy in the bathroom, I knew you were turned on. Do you have a hard on now? Is your cock getting hard while you watch me play with my naked pussy?" Her hand reached down and I saw two fingers easily slide into her cunt. She drew them out and then pushed them back in. Her fingers were shiny from the wetness

The Pendant 2

feeling was like I was half way to cumming again. I pumped away, not holding back, until I was again spurting. Surprisingly I came just as far and as much as my first time.This was way cool. It was like having a reset for masturbation. Change to her, get hot, and then I could wank off again.I grabbed the Pendant and changed back to a girl

The story of me becoming a slut

to kiss me and we made out while he fucked my pussy so hard, I was moaning in his mouth while he stuck his tongue in mine. Then I felt his hands grip on my shoulder tighter and then he burst into an un-human speed of pounding me and then I began to scream of extreme pleasure all I could feel was his giant dick digging into my soaking pussy. He

Good Boy

me? Look how hard your cock is! Do you think I am going to let you fuck me?"He hung his head in shame and his dick seamed to wilt a little. "No, Mistress, I am not mocking you. It's just you are so beautiful and I thought I was good to you."I took his penis in my hand and said, "Well, let me see just how much you want to fuck me." It had regained

The Right Gift at the Wrong Door

penis when Monica replied:oh yeah. back in college all the time. with girls and guys. i think you'll like it!"Are you serious?" he wheezed. Why had he never heard about this before? He and Monica had been married for twelve years. Ray thought he knew her fairly well, but there were clearly large gaps in his understanding.He reached down to adjust

Hidden Magic Ch. 03

at least partially. Shoving her freed hand between them, she managed to push herself free, gasping for breath, fighting to clear her mind. ‘Stop,’ she commanded. She felt him struggle with himself, caught up in his own needs. Without further word, he took reign. Blowing out a breath, he dropped his forehead to hers and kissed the tip of her nose.

Wedding surprise!

that tonight I had something planned for you. Never giving away what was coming. As we said our goodbyes and congratulations the the bride and groom. I caught you giving this new stranger a look over. Back at the hotel we start out having a little fun as I slip your dress off and start spanking your ass. Your Pussy so wet and ready to feel my

My First Boyfriend 5

long finger slip inside the hole, which until that point, things had only ever come out of. And the whole time, I could hear him muttering things like, “Oh yeah, suck my cock, slut,” and “Fuck, that’s one hot, tight little pussy.” And for some reason every time he called me something like a girl, or a cock-slut, or a whore, I started sucking

Anything for You Ch. 05

way Roxy had nipped in the waist, accentuated the curve of my breasts, making them appear very much larger than I knew them to be. No wonder I’d been receiving so much attention—it hadn’t just been my Coca Cola spewing antics in the bar or the red wine bloodbath in the dining room. No wonder that woman at the next table had looked at me daggers.

My Best Friend Visits (Continued)

thrusts. She wrapped her arms around my neck and I held her tightly in my arms while my friend fucked her wildly from behind. “His cock is so hot and hard”, she said. “I can feel his thick cock throbbing inside me and when he comes it’s like hot lava flowing from his big cock and filling me.” I told her I just wanted her to be happy. She looked


birthday soiree would have to go on without Brown. Naked cocoa Brown had the supple soft skin of a lamb and the scent of a goddess. She wore a floral fragrance with just a hint of sandalwood. Beneath the flowery layers, I recognized the distinct aroma of her musky dew trickling down the inside of her thighs. She grasped three of my fingers and

Falling Ch. 06

I took a quick pause to apply Stacey's special lip gloss before beginning to run my fingers through Darryl's hair.A single pass was enough to turn up several loose strands. I wound one hair carefully around a fingertip so I could brush it against my moist lips, and then deposited it carefully on my tongue. My mouth felt parched; apparently all of

Sues Training Pt 2

from fear and excitement. Mistress was lingering at the clit, going around it, and flicking it. Sue was getting very aroused, then mistress’s finger started to go up and down her folds, this was too much for Sue who moaned shuddered and released her cum. Mistress said “that’s what I wanted sue, your own lubrication.” Mistress then put the rubber

Home sweet Home 2

Ted pressed his open mouth directly over her now very hot and very wet cunt, thrusting his tongue in as far as he could. He heard Mandy gasp in pleasure as her hips began bucking uncontrollaby."Oh, daddy, I'm cuuuming. Oh my god, daddy! It's so goood, ooooh, fuck!!""Give me your, cum, baby, cum in my mouth!""Oh, my god, daddy, I,m cumming, I,m

The Exhibitionists, part 1

as he walked by, and we dissolved into laughter again.We showed our pussies to over a dozen guys that day, with different reactions. Some didn't notice (or pretended not to), some just acknowledged us, and some tried to get our phone numbers (which we didn't give them). Every time, a sexual thrill went through our bodies, making our nipples

All our lovers

as he kept finger fucking her. She said, “John that feels so good. Please don’t fuck me.” Victoria came to our house with a cute little mini skirt. She rode our exercise bike with the skirt pulled up so John could see her thighs and her vagina.Ryan said, “Cheryl lets go to Victoria’s home and I want to fuck you.” I asked, “Ryan do you know I’m

From My Lips

it as you move sends chills throughout your body. The warmth between your legs has become an ache and you clench your fists to keep your fingers from moving there. Again, you look around, certain that I am somewhere nearby. I move back into the shadows more to avoid your eyes but still I watch you. I imagine the pressure you feel building in the

Truth Or Dare (The Family Reunion) Chapter Fourteen

her yoga pants down off her ass and thighs. His tongue pressed urgently on Jeanie's rosebud asshole. Her approval was grunted into her daughters wet pussy.Gripping his cock, Juan pressed the head into Jeanie’s ass.  Janie was overcome at the sight and her orgasm hit like a brick. Losing control of her bladder, her piss ran freely. Her mother

The Black Hole

I raised my left hand to my face and opened my mouth.  I sucked on the spunk that had covered my hand earlier and swallowed it as my own orgasm took control. I heard the person behind me groan and moan as his own orgasm told me he was filling my arse with his spunk. Unexpectedly, more spunk drenched my left side. I reckoned it must have been the

The Christmas Party

the room, out of his arms. That was actually pretty intense. My heart rate slows as I walk towards the toilets. Breathing more normally, I find the toilets empty. I splash water on my face and look at myself in the mirror. I was right; my face is flushing. 'Dammit! What is wrong with me!? Why would I wind myself up like this!? Just to annoy some

KB and Me

could watch over the rest of the family, forever.That was just over two years ago, my heart still breaks when I think of what was lost, the pure love that was there, and wondering why she did some of the things that she had done. Was it love of me? Or was it lust for me?Did she want me to be her first? Did she want to take her mom's place? Did

Fantasy Night Ch. 03

finger farther inside my panties. i am now touching my cunt lips. A flash of bright light brings me back to my senses, i have no idea what my face looked like when You snapped the picture. "O.k. unsnap your bra and hold your beautiful tits for Me, but don't cover them up." That is a hard job to do, as my tits are kind of small. i do the best i

How Hannah Met Mr. H

show me where I could put my belongings.On the way through she introduced me to the chefs, there were two of them and they were both women, Linda and Beth. 'Darn it, there goes my chef idea' I thought to myself. I was struggling to put my apron on as the strings seemed so short "Would you like a hand?" Asked Katie as she had a wee giggle at

My Schoolgirl Neighbour

"How does he masturbate you, Lucy?""You know," she replied nervously, "He puts his hand up my school skirt and fingers me through my gym knickers." "And what colour are your gym knickers?" I asked then, hoping that maybe she'd be wearing them then."Blushing bright red, Lucy almoct whispered, "Navy blue, Mr Collins.""Are you wearing them now?" I

My Journey Into Serenity - Chapter 2/3

drove off, my eyes were wide open with amazement as I watched Serenity, with a cut on her lip, walk into the house and slam the door shut. She leapt into my arms and kissed me passionately on my lips. "Serenity, your hurt..." I said grazing her right cheek with my right hand. "Kiss it an make it better?" she said, pouting. I kissed her lips as I

The Swinger Confessions: Corrupting Shirley Temple (A Prelude)

going to cum for me sweetie?” “No Coco, you cannot make me cum right now. I have to go to work.” “Hah, are you telling me that I cannot make you cum or are you saying that you don’t want to cum because you need to leave for work?” “Both!” “Say what? Girl, my voice alone can bring you to your knees, make your pussy sweat, drip, even ache with

A Shower for Rose

moan aloud and push forward onto your face. Reaching up you grab my ass and pin me to your face. Spreading your fingers you dip one into my ass and start fingering me. As I scream out you know I'm cumming and double you effort to lick up every drop I give. You support me as my legs go weak and help me down. I have a feeling you've been supporting

The Lioness: A Darkening Dawn

Lioness was struck by how aroused she felt with this penis right in her face. She felt so conflicted. On one hand, she had a responsibility and a moral obligation to save the three hostages, but then again she wanted for nothing more in that moment to take this man's delicious endowment in her mouth, bring him to full erection. Her heart was

The Fair Boss II

right not to. My hands were shaking, my nerves were shot. I wanted to turn around and bullet home. No harm done right? She didn’t get rid of me when she fucked me, so why would she if I didn’t show up? A while back I almost got what I wanted. I want Tara. I want inside her. I want to look into her flawless hazel eyes as I make her cum. Instead

She's the boss - Chapter one

at my reaction. "Patience is a virtue..." she said, and leaned in again to kiss me. But there was something different in this kiss. It wasn't frantic or frenzied like our other ones, but smooth, gentle and relaxing. We didn't use our tongues, the feel and taste of her soft lips on mine was exhilarating enough. Sometime during the kiss I felt

maya gropes a groupie

a big fan of yours.’ ‘Thanks,’ replied Maya. ‘Have a beer with me.’ ‘Sure, I’m old enough to drink in my country,’ said Heidi. ‘How old are you?’ asked Maya. ’18,’ replied Heidi. ‘Well I won’t tell anyone,’ said Maya with one of her famous smiles. As the night went on, the two of them chatted each other up and had more than a few beers. Feeling

In good hands

When she would go into the bathroom to change she would not close the door and she would put on a show in the mirror because she knew I would be watching. I remember the day that things got real all to well. I had just gotten out of the shower and was sitting there in a towel when Erica came in using the key I gave her, I asked her why she was

Hers Ch. 01

cleaned.2. you will apply the hair removal cream to your genital and anal areas.3. you will prepare a work suit, as usual, to wear tomorrow."His face flushed, reading her words, and his eyes scanned the room quickly to see if any of his work colleagues had noted his embarrassment. He was safe. Apparently, no one had noticed. Again, during his

Wife gets a treat

you lay on the floor naked, with porn playing on the TV. I get an instant solid erection. I notice on the floor around you there are 2 of your dildos. In your hands are another 2, a large clear one buzzing away and a smaller pink one. I watch in amazement as you put the smaller one in your pussy, which I can see glistening in the light of the TV.

My Night With McSteamy

the guy I was grinding with wasn't even McSteamy. I could see the real McSteamy sitting at his table, talking to his friends. I continued to grind with this random stranger. My legs interlaced with his and I rubbed my crotch on his leg. His hard cock rubbed up against my thigh. I could see McSteamy over his shoulder, and he occasionally glanced


you aside for hurried consultation, whether permitting – whether there’s anyone else there. Heaven forbid you draw me, three-dimensionally, as I truly am. I do remember once you drew me close so quietly with your arm at my waist, your hidden hand gently feeling my side. But I am the other side of you, and we can’t be on centre stage together.

It's Good to be King Ch-2

every quality of beauty all around me. Apparently being topless didn't bother most, or any of them. My heart was skipping rope, and my mind was a cloud of... well I'm not sure what to call it, but it was something else.My dick decided after all this time to act on its own, and swelled in place, but it didn't really show since my jeans were a

The Driving Exhibitionist, Part 4

started picking up the pace a little, Sam started pushing back harder and harder to meet my strokes. Both of us were really getting into it now and started moaning and grunting like animals in heat. Feeling my orgasm starting, I yelled to Sam, “I’m going to cum in your ass Sam!” “O Goddd!” Sam screamed back, “Please keep going cause I’m going to

My Crazy Husband Shares Me With An 18 Year Old

hot in it?” My husband then said after a brief pause, ‘Honey, why don’t you turn around so Josh can see the other side.” Josh was on the shy side as he mumbled out how great I looked in it. His cock now grew inside his shorts as a look of embarrassment had come over his face. He tried to hide the affect that he was so excited but there wasn’t

Neighborly Lust (Part 6)

watched as I performed like a two bit whore. I felt the heat rising in my cheeks and my ass cheeks as though someone had spanked me very hard.“That bitch sucks a mean cock, don’t you think?” I distantly heard Gabrielle remark to someone. I couldn’t make out what else was said but I heard Omar breathlessly say, “Dayum! She is so fucking hot I

Catching the Bishop

I needed another cock and as Gregory was now otherwise engaged and as I’d already had Charles shoot into me I whispered “Daddy, I need you now. Leave her ‘till later and fuck me now!” and I propped my leg up against the side of the sofa and held my pussy open to give him access. He smiled and took his cock from Victoria’s mouth and sliding it up

Lower Side Of Noon

a schoolboy with his first erection. You get me to relax by kissing my neck and caressing my hard nipples as I'm gently rubbing my clit.As you feel me relaxing, you sense the mood intensifying as you bury your rock hard cock deep into my ass, thrusting and pounding, so deep you can feel your balls slapping my wet pussy. At that moment we cum

A Satyrs Revenge

he wriggled his cock inside her ass until he was hard again. This time his movements were slower, longer and more tantalizing. This time, her hands balled into fists in irritation rather than fear as she began to match his plunges. Over and over, he worked in and out until his ears hummed with pleasure. His balls tingled again and the girls legs

Shooting Blanks part 2 of 2

raced out earlier in the evening!--Dave, wracked with guilt and fear at almost getting caught cuckolding his friend, never sought to be with Jennifer again. He even spent the night on the couch.Within weeks Stephanie missed her period. She thought it was odd, but they had been late before. Once another month had gone by and still no period,

Jamie and Tina’s Journey

I stepped outside, we exchanged a hug, as she tiered up, and I had to get away, so I just went by a local sports bar to hang out, because she said she would be gone within an hour. While sitting there and waiting for the next hour to pass, I just checked out the early afternoon sports news, as well as people watched, and ordered some food. Then

Shipwrecked – Part 1

a lot of degrees more. We’d been away from home now for nearly 3 weeks, and were getting close to our goal. Our boat had conquered 30 foot waves, and horrendous hurricane force winds, and the 6 person crew (four men and two women) had become a slick team, any rough edges having been long since knocked off. This race was the third that I had been

Feeling Myself Again

I had figured it was our last. Well, she surprised me right before our wedding when, just a few days before, Olivia was out with her bridesmaids and her father was at work, her Mom came into the den where I was reading and took me by the hand to her bedroom and we were out of our clothes in seconds and I was up behind her doing her doggie-style,

Making the Grade

any conscious thought on her part, she began deliberately rubbing her sensitive girl parts against his leg.She was rapidly losing all sense of modesty and it seemed her own body intentionally spread her legs, inviting even more stinging spanks to her most sensitive areas.What she had not realised is that his spanks were now light, barely landing,

My wife part 1

to take her over the edge. She pushed her ass back onto Tom's thrusting thick cock as her whole body shuddered when she came. I could see his cum and her juice running down the inside of her thighs.They were all still oblivious to me being there watching their threesome. Tom then fell to the side almost facing me. Cindy collapsed on her side,

She Tries To Forget Ch. 08

a better person. If…if I hadn’t destroyed it all.’ Dinner with her neighbor was the most pleasant time Ann had all day. When she was with him she felt safe, valued, and cared about. Martin seemed to like her for herself, and she liked that. He insisted on paying for her dinner, then accompanied her while she did her shopping. They continued

Escape For Passion Part 9 -Conclusion

the dong up his butt and when he moved forward, he was deep in the slick pussy of Kim Lin. Kim Lin started to climax almost immediately and there was another solid push from Judy on the dildo as Sid withdrew from Kim Lins ass a few inches. This forced Kim Lin to push back to recapture him and the girls had him well sandwiched and cuming like

Just a Cup of Coffee

was bright as well as beautiful. But this was not a time to get into some schoolboy crush mode, I thought and tried to change the topic a bit."So where do you work?" I said."I'm studying psychology in the evenings. And I'm a writer of sorts to, I plan on expanding that. I have a little side business as well that brings in some extra money.""I'm

Harley and the Hitchhiker - Chapter 1

the short ride.oOoA month later, while having a family barbecue at my house, I announce that I am planning to go to Sturgis, South Dakota this coming August. I inform them that the annual Sturgis motorcycle rally is one of the largest, if not the largest in the country. Everyone is excited for me as I go over my itinerary with them. The grandkids

Nikki – My New Neighbour

and got an eyeful of some light brown knickers. Her nipples were protruding even further now and I looked at her cleavage as a few of the buttons appeared to have come undone. Again, she saw me looking at her knickers and decided to cross her legs. She smiled again and said:“I can see you’ve got an eye for the ladies Mr. Warner, I think I’m going

Suit Shopping

else you wanted to try on before we worry about the suits. You grab the back of my head gently and pull down your briefs enough that your cock pops out and simply look down and me and smile. I lean forward and lick from base to tip of your gorgeous cock. Then I run my tongue all around the tip and dip into the little hole there experiencing your

The Rape of Maya बलात्कार के माया

heavier, and her heart was almost pounding out of her chest! She heard them talking about what they were going to do to her! He told her to put her hands behind her back, and to keep them there, she felt someone tie them tight! He pushed her in front of a dark skinned nasty weasel looking man and asked him what did he ? Want to do to

The Wolf's Moon

if not warranted amount of fear.The one thing -or in truth the many things- the people in the villages feared was the pack of wolves that lived in the thickest parts of the forests. It was said that the wolves were not always the blood thirsty creatures prowling the dark roads,that once a long time ago they had been a great race of people. They

My Taboo Desires Fulfilled Ch. 3 : The Climax

with how good she looked, my stepmom made her way down to Lisa. "You look absolutely gorgeous," Lisa said as her eyes ate up my mother's perfect figure. "Thanks," my stepmom replied, a hint of red touched her cheeks. "Still not as sexy as you, Lisa." Lisa grinned, appreciative of the compliment. They walked outside and got into Lisa's mustang.

Boss Trap 2

holing his cock between them and began stroking. He soon had both the breasts covered in his cum. In a few minutes there was hardly any part uncovered. Girish looked at me and said take her to the bath and clean her up. But his friends stopped him! No let us clean her up! And winking at him, dangled their cocks- with our hoses. Girish too

Sharing my Wife; A Special Night with Shaun

you.” Obviously, Michelle had forgotten that the video was still playing. I watched a little longer and didn’t see anything except two lovers snuggled together and sleeping. I didn’t even realize until it was over that there hadn’t been any audio. I wondered if that could be because she didn’t want me to hear their words of endearment after

The Little Red Light - Part One, The Seduction

the club, clenching her throbbing pussy to the sound of the music. She was so turned on, and found herself biting her upper lip in anticipation of a coming orgasm. She was so hard up, so backed up, that she was ready to just let the stool bring her to climax right there in the club. She opened her eyes to a very attractive blonde woman watching

My first lesbian experiance PART ONE

He was in my games class too. I remember walking past the boys changing rooms and the door swung open and I saw his back and arms. He was so muscly. His back was broad and his arms were ripped! Needless to say, I was incredibly attracted to him. I could tell he was into me. He would wink at me down the hall way, and constantly try and talk to me

Pocket Monsters - A New Journey and New Horizons!!

her leg was blocking his view. She reached for her white bathrobe and started to put it on. Suddenly Ash's feet could move and he could hear Misty coming up the stairs so he quickly left the room. Delia noticed Ash quickly leave out of the corner of her eye. She would check on him in a few minutes once he was back in his room not to create any

First time with my little sis Part 3

Mom started leaving us alone more when she went to a neighbor’s house. One day mom walked to the barn to get some eggs. We followed her. Sis and I climber in the loft barn loft. Mom gathered a few eggs and went back to the house. We sat on the floor watching her until she went into the house. Then sis stood up. When she did that, I grabbed her

Popping the Pod

undoubtedly seen from the sales figures Peter4, sales to the male, as well as the female gay fraternity are rising significantly and hopefully too, the rise in their groins to put it crudely .’ I was starting to get in the frame of mind now where working for a firm like Jennifer Stanford, a firm which now the shopping public, known to be like Ann

How I became a voyeur, my first look at a mature p

try to time it to go to the bathroom to catch a glimpse of her undressing. Because of the way the stairs and the solid railing was, as soon as I could see her door I was fully exposed so I had to keep moving or else be caught. Over the next few weeks while I mostly didn’t get the timing right, either she was fully dressed or else already in a

Jack and Diane Ch. 15-18

have to if she hadn’t pushed you out first. She’s changed. It’s all about her, Dad. Everything.’ It was Harry’s turn to come close to tears. ‘I really can’t stop her son. The house became her property in the divorce. She can sell it if she wants.’ ‘Then you could buy it.’ ‘I’m not sure I could afford it, Harry. You know I’ve been looking at the

B.L.I.S.S - Introductions - Bianca & Lydia

pee beginning to become overwhelming while her orgasm continued to grow. She tried to call out and warn Sophia, but she could only moan. She tried to squirm free but while small, Sophia kept her firmly in place. Unable to deny her orgasm any longer she came, and came hard. She convulsed as she came and too her horror she began to pee, at least

Adventures of Sarah - Chapter 5

of him. He shook his head to try and understand.“Miss Johnson, you should not be jealous. At least you won’t have back problems and I think you are beautiful.” He heard Kaylie say and watched her feel up her teacher’s tits through her shirt and lean forward to kiss each nipple. Hank felt his cock tingle and start to fill up his pants.“Stop it

Anal Coed Suspended Slave

sank all the way in, began to turn him on. Soon he felt Beto tense up, and then felt cum shots hitting his insides, and this began to turn him on. Andrew was developing a new fetish.Beto packed all Andrew's clothes and items in his back pack, and led Andrew down the trail, still gagged and blindfolded, with hands tied behind his back. Beto knew

Forbidden Encounters

inch. Matt’s eyes were wide open and his heart felt like it would burst out of his chest. Judy put one foot on the sofa and curved her index fingers up and in, spreading her pussy lips, showing Matt the moist, rich pink inner flesh. “Lick me Matt.” “Mrs Morris?” “Put your tongue in. Taste my pussy, Matt.” He placed a hand over her foot and

First Time

off his shirt and pants and underwear. I was really scared I jumped off the bed and tried to move the dressed again. I moved it some but not enough to get out of the room. This mad him madder yet he pushed me on the bed, moved the dress back were it was and moved the bed in front of the door. I was crying I wanted out. He was talking to me

Secret Affairs: With My Friends Son – Part 20

the promotion. I just got a call from Mrs. Dan, and she told me that she heard Mr. Dan talking about promoting you.” Mr. Dan was the owner of the company where Rachel and I worked. Rachel and Mr. Dan’ wife met a few times and became good friends. I never happened to met Mrs. Dan, but Rachel had told me that Mrs. Dan was a very kind and beautiful

Witch Bone and the Mongol Queen

laying groveling in the dirt. ‘Novsh min!’ The khan bellowed, paling, trying to scramble up on his knees and reach for his sword. But even as he did so, the Kara-Khitan girl struck and the man’s scream was cut short in a ghastly crunch as the bamboo came down upon his skull, cracking it neatly like an egg. ‘Cheers, my friend, cheers!’ At the


later on a Saturday morning I was working on a five horse power Go-kart engine when I hear, JERREEEEEE!. That was moms voice all right and I had a sneaking idea someone’s ass was going to be mowed. I got to my bedroom and sitting on my bed was mom with her white silky lacy bra across her lap. ‘Any idea how my bra got into your drawer and why it

My brothers mate

night he would stay round hers, so naturally this week was no different, my perfect opportunity. ‘Will… Jamie is out tonight and I know you probably dont plan on staying around here without him, but I was planning on getting a pizza in and watching a film if you wanted to join me? Hate having this house all to myself, think I watch too many

One Night in Pittsburgh

small breasts, neatly coiffed brown hair, perfect makeup, and high heel shoes.He smiled, "I am employed here. I work as little as possible."She smiled at his joke as though she had heard a version of it before. "Where can I get a cab after the show?"It was not a show but he decided not to correct her. "I'm sure that when the game is over, there

Growing Up (prologue)

girls which made me even more self conscious.As they party went on, groups dispersed here and there between the basement or the barn or by the pool. The smallest group was in the basement, which is where I found myself among a couple volleyball girls and nearly the entire soccer team.I had tried to be a part of the conversations but it quickly

Little Sister

on my boobs. I don't want those to burn.” He paused. “Are you sure?” Brianna sat up and pulled off her bikini top. The sight of those perky tits made him throb. “Touch them. Rub it in. I definitely don't want those to burn.” He began caressing her breasts, rubbing the lotion in. She moaned softly as he rubbed it in hard. Then he gently pinched

Peverted Deeds - Part 5

was pleased that Lisa is back but I had a very urgent need to cum. As Lisa moved on my lap I managed to begin to ease my cock in her hot pussy. I don’t think I have ever felt it this wet or hot. I turned Lisa around with her back to me and pushed my cock deep in her pussy. She leaned back against me, put her legs out over mine and was

The Baroda Pearls

roll so that they ended lengthwise in the culvert by a post at the side of the road. The high kerbstone gave them some cover from the sniper’s line of fire. Alice fumed. ‘You idiot! You clown! What do you think you’re doing!? Will you please get off me this minute!’ She tried to sit up, using the wooden post to support herself. John immediately

The Lesbian

so she had me strip naked since she was gonna demonstrate how to turn a woman on, being I was allowed to watch her demonstrate that in person. She had her girlfriend on her bed wearing only panties, while Cindy was always dressed. She was okay with Maria seeing me get hard as she allowed her to fondle my cock in her hand as Cindy tongued her

Friend in Need

was about to receive. The huge cock head slowly slipped into her pussy and she started to breath frantically. Jason grabbed her hips with both hands and gently began impaling Candace with the rest of his twelve inches. She gasped and shuddered in orgasm and he wasn't even half way in. Jason said, "Here's where most women give up" as he pushed

My First Lesbian Experience Happened On A Boat

on my mind. I masturbate several times a day often while I am out on the lake sunning or alone in a boat.I am no virgin and have been with a few boys. I love giving head and having my pussy eaten. Most of the boys that I have let screw me were frequent boaters to the lake we called “Weekenders”. I have a bestie and we have doubled dated and let

Ten Years Gone

but in the back of my mind I was wishing, hoping, that somehow they would magically turn into him, and when they didn't, I ended up disappointed. How could I not tell him this? How could I keep this bottled up?Briefly, I thought that telling him all of this might be either upsetting, or make him feel that I was creating an unrealistic image that

My Weekend in Portland Ch. 08

considerable force to push three fingers in her to the second knuckle. I made my thrusts faster and harder, drawing more gasps. "Oh god," she cried, lifting her head. "That feels ... "Apparently she couldn't describe the feeling, and her head dropped back to the bed. I continued rubbing Ruth's pussy with my free hand, beginning to get slippery

Sex At Work

ran up and down the length of her virgin slit. Her clit was standing erect, and her pussy cream was flowing thickly. I put the tip of my tongue in the bottom of her twat and wiggled it up to her clit. Chrissy sighed as I flattened my tongue out and ran it over her cunt. Her thin, blond pubic hair tickled my cheeks as I ate her. Her sweet

Defying My Family Part 4

attached it to end of Mikey’s penis. The end of the string she wrapped around her hand and pulled. The alligator clip slid off Mikey’s cock, its teeth biting into the sensitive head.“How that hurts fucker” he roared.She then places it back into his cock. This time she placed too more on his nipples only this time, each was attached to a battery

Nurse Mom - Chapter 9 - Mom joins in with Aunt Pam

the large creamy cheeks of Mom's rear. I reached under Mom and started to tease her nipples while she enjoyed her sister's tongue in her kitten. After two more orgasms, Mom was worn out. She rolled over onto her back and Pam got up and joined her, laying on the bed beside her. They hadn't had any alcohol, so they must have been drunk with passion

Caught On Camera Ch. 04

is functioning as the faculty advisor to the school yearbook. And, yes, I’ve seen the picture you took of the senior cheerleaders.’ Aaron felt his heart come up in his throat and instantly had a tremendous need to pee. ‘Gotcha!’ Diane laughed. ‘Don’t worry, I liked the photo a lot. We will definitely use it. What I need is a whole bunch of other


Especially out here in the woods, in the rain, inside this small cemetery. I sit in the cab of my old truck, listening to the rain tell the story, and wait for Melinda.We don’t have nice winter weather around here. Seems like it’s always cold, cloudy, and raining. About all it’s good for is hunting, mostly deer. Only I don’t hunt—not anymore.But

Mandy's Online Master Ch. 01

message was terse, his voice a little distant because I was using my speaker phone. I knew I was in trouble. He rarely called me."Take your clothes off. Get on your knees. Pull out the butt plug and suck on it like a soother. Put one clothespin on each nipple and one on your clitoris. Take down your big dildo and your medium butt plug.

Setting up Lucy-2

kind of combinations he could come up with in an environment like a bar. He had no idea about Lucy's afternoon with the shoe person and the three boys. He walked into the bar about seven thirty, Lucy was already there and it looked like she had already drawn some attention. He could understand that she was a very pretty woman and even at

Can People Change?

her Momma for just as long as I had. His advice was said in one sentence: ‘I look forward to seeing you at the wedding.’ When I walked into El Patio I saw that Krystn had made sure that Marie sat faced away from the entrance. I walked to their table and sat next to Matt, across from Marie and Krystn. ‘What are you doing here?’ Marie asked.

The Royal Witch and The Roge Ch 2

at the end of the table. Stopping it took him a few moments, but he finally placed the mans face. Kris, what are you doing here? Glared at the young man, questions running though his head as to were he would fit into this scene, and horror images started to run through his mind. Sir..I.. Kris was a loss for words. But Lillith wasnt. Im in love

Meeting Master J and His Precious

"date" melted even my heart.He was...well, incredible is the only word I can think to describe him; tall with blond wavy hair that curled around his ears and this presence that took my breath away. It wasn't in anything he said or did. It was something about him...the eyes maybe. They seemed to look right through to the heart of a person.Now they

The Vicar's Daughter

to make up for, after sitting through all those dull sermons teaching her what she should and should not do, wrestling with her younger brother in the vicarage garden, when she could be writhing about in this secluded meadow with a real man. Ooooh it was exciting! Her thighs were wider apart than they had ever been as she romped with this

Island Fever Ch. 22

"Oh God..." I moaned once more, as my hard cock sprungout and wobbled before Kristanna's adoring blue eyes.Grinning, she offered me one more glance before latchingonto my shaft with her hand and squeezing firmly. "You could have this from me, as well as Devvy-wevvy-girland pretty-pretty-Pamela, every single night of your lifefrom now on," the

She Tries To Forget Ch. 12

sure they should be doing this. She leaned back in his arms and looked into his eyes. ‘I…I don’t think we should be doing this, Lonnie,’ she said softly. ‘Somebody might come along and…’ ‘It’s OK,’ Lonnie said, ‘there’s nobody else out here. No harm in a little hug and kiss, is there?’ ‘I…I guess not,’ Ann said. She leaned forward and their lips

An Office Affair

hard not to notice when a single woman joins the ranks. On Heather’s first day, her boss brought her into the morning meeting and introduced her as the new finance representative to our group. I was sitting next to Alex that morning—it was well before our relationship outside the office had began, so we were still pretty chummy at work. She

10 Things I Love About Julia

and she walked inside. ‘Would you like to come in?’ ‘I’m not so sure about that. ‘Oh, come on. I’m just asking you as a ‘normal person,’ remember? I just want to talked with you. ‘OK.’ MAN, she is beautiful. 3. Did I mention Julia Stiles is beautiful I walked into her room, and as the star shut the door, she pinned me to the wall, kissing me with

WHAT NEXT? 5 Pieces

having an affair. Feigning shock, Alicia said she expectantly waited for the friend to tell her about Kate. She truly was shocked when the neighbor instead named Lynn Stevens, the redhead who had just moved into the house next door to the Johnston’s a few weeks earlier. “It must have begun this week while I was at my sister’s, unless he had been

Jody Transformed

for the foreseeable future. Don’t tempt yourself with male clothes. You can’t wear them anyhow.”“That kind of assumes I get the job.”“You’re going into apply for the job Monday. If you flop, there’s still time to get a few clothes before you hit the streets.”“If I don’t get the job, you’ll throw me out?”“You’ll get the job if you really want it.

Addicted to Love

blowjobs from a fuckin’ IBM– *whirrrrr* gnnnuh! …every few minutes and not even a fuckin’ TV to watch. And all because of your fuckin’ wishes. So yeah, I got some big fuckin’ issues, Mister Genie. So what are you gonna do about it? ***** Mikal had stood perfectly still while Leo told his story, not even blinking. (In actual fact, his heart wasn’t

Our Daughter-in-law Joins Us

The prospect of a new sensual adventure had my cock at full mast and I could tell that Elaine was hot to go as well. The buttons on her shirt were undone and I could see the cleavage between her breasts, even in the dimly lighted room. She leaned forward and took my cock from the split front of my boxers and ran her thumb and forefinger up and

A Family Betrayal Chapter 36

inside as her face gets flushed. I lower down whispering to Tessa telling her she made a young woman wet. She asks how and I tell her pussy hair is showing. She quietly giggles while lifting up her right leg as my dick is now visible. We hear the young woman stutter her words telling mom how much for all the drinks. Mom pays the girl before I

Mark and Masha learn alot from each other

people.  Masha is brash, gregarious, outspoken, and rebellious.  I am reserved, shy, reticent, and a brainy, studious type. Physically, though, despite the difference in gender, we are very similar. Both of us are athletic, with very well proportioned bodies.  Masha, of course, has her pert little breasts, which I lack!  And, at the risk of

Exposing My Wife IX And X

her I would be able to taste their come in her mouth. Until I got my cock in her. She said that she could not believe my reaction.Debbie said that she had decided to never tell me what she had done. She said she thought I would be so hurt knowing that she had enjoyed being gang fucked by six men in public so much.She said that after I had rolled

College Couple Sex While Shopping

The clerk said he tried on speedos all the time and could help make some suggestions. He went over to a rack about midway down the sidewall of the store and picked up a blue square cut suit with a small zipper pocket on the front right hip.“I think this suit would rock on him.”Jess considered and said, “Let’s start with that one.”He led us over

Captured (In Love) Ch. 03

it because a woman in my position has to take the good with the bad.’ She straightened in her chair and looked at herself in the mirror. ‘I am Mrs. Derrick Carlton, the mayors wife. I know a man has needs and those needs must be met.’ Loretta Carlton whirled around in her chair again and stood up, her index finger jutting Light Heart in the

Angel’s Fall Ch. 02

wanting to snuggle against her, wanting the warmth of another’s touch as I had not had it for over three years. All I had been exposed to was violence, rape, and abuse. Jiana was none of those things. I pressed my face into the curve of her neck and shoulder, wetting her silk blouse with my tears. She smelled of almonds and other sweet scents,

Always Pull Your Curtains - Chapter 1

had taken another step and another risk but the pure sexual buzz was so rewarding she decided this wouldn’t be the last time she tasted Sam. That night Craig couldn’t believe his luck when Hailey wanted sex and during the week as well and he was almost at the point of checking his calendar to see if it was his birthday as Hailey dropped to her

Another Week with Auntie Beryl

arrived and to bring them through to the lounge. She added that when everyone was here she would explain to them what had happened and check that they did not mind witnessing my punishment. The door bell rang and I went to the front door and found Helen, a very attractive blond lady in her early 30’s, I said hello, explained who I was and brought

Friend of the Wood (Part Two of Two)

they should be,” the dryad said with a mischievous lilt to her voice. “Your mother worries for you, too.” “Guess I’d better go talk to her, huh?” Xantina swept over with a giggle, not answering the question, and kissed her great-granddaughter on the cheek. Graceful as a dancer, she vanished into the foliage a few seconds later. Terra found her

School Girl Crush

when Addison started at our school. She had moved from Florida, when her dad was transferred to work here. We’re a private all girls school, we tend to keep to our own circles, but the popular girls took a liking to her right off. I guess a pet project, however, after only a few weeks of friendship, it ended. The popular clique started talking


more intense. In her minds eye she saw the beast thrust one final time before he came hard inside of her. She desperately tried to get him to continue. Pulling out spilled what seemed like gallons of his cum out of her. Amanda collapsed in the bed. She was unable to orgasm on her own. Pouting, she threw her dildo across the room and curled up for

Elle's Sex Diary

Elle baby. Right away that is.""No problem," I say back calmly and composedly. Doug's car is lavish and expensive and extravagant. It is a Ford Lightning Alba that has got only capacity to accommodate three people—two in the very front and the other last one behind us. The seat that is behind is the one extensively extravagant and luxurious. How

Thawing the Japanese Ice Queen

to possess her. Shit. Who was it this time trying to invade her privacy, her peace flew away as quickly as it had come.She saw a strong pair of legs blocking her exit from the pool and looked a little higher at a deep blue silk swimsuit to a deeply tanned body and into the eyes of John Malone."Hey Maria," I called to her. "I've been looking for

Chace McCartson – Part VI (Second publishing attempt)

and introspective that she could be, had agreed with all of this. Things got weird, very weird. But, whatever, I was crazy to press the little switch… (CLICK!) She gasped so loud that every single person in the office looked at her. All that she could do was lean against the wall, her forehead sweat and her face completely red, trembling all

The Entity Pt. 02

written all over it. ‘I don’t know what ya be a meanin’ Mr. Lay. I’m gonna be 19 in six more months and I ain’t never found nuthin I cain’t do.’ ‘Yeah, but you’d have to go on tour, travel in a tour bus, maybe even share a room. I mean, we don’t stay in the Hilton until you really make it big. It all gets real personal. I mean, well, you know,

Big Women and Big Men Love Anal

need anal too. Get it through your fucking skull.Presently, I'm in my dormitory, lying in bed while sucking on my boyfriend Thor's dick. Thor is a big and tall black man with light brown skin, pale gray eyes and curly hair. His exact dimensions? He stands six feet four inches tall, broad-shouldered and muscular. He weighs three hundred and ten

My Dream Comes True

right, it was quite a bit bigger than I had imagined. There were several more doors and entryways. From the outside, it had been quite an illusion.Molodin stood me on a round stone next to the post that had held Joyce just minutes before. I looked above me and saw the shackles that Joyce had just hung from. Two men came around behind me, unbound

Eve, Modern Cave Girl Ch. 03

not even looked his way at lunch or dinner! ‘What must he be thinking in his bachelor quarters?’ I thought. By now he must be convinced that he had lost me. For the first time since Blake had won me from Nick I cried in earnest. Blake stepped away from his work to embrace me and try to and comfort me, but I was inconsolable. ‘Have I done

Kate fucks my friend

another guy, but I know our relationship is moving from sharing to outright cuckoldry. Most of the guys Kate has been with have been strangers. Guys she has met when we are out, guys from her gym, she has even had a threesome with one of her girlfriends and her boyfriend. There have been a few occasions when I have not been very happy with her

Zoe's Submission

sofa, unzipped me, and took my cock in her mouth. Sarah, has got naked in the meantime and knelt behind Zoe unzipped her skirt and pulled it down over her hips. What a bum she had. The thought of what I was going to do to it later almost made me cum in her throat right then. Sarah pulled off her thong and started to frig Zoe. "Jesus she's

Pastor Sarah Ch. 12

walking to the car. Inviting him to sit on the sofa, Sarah kicked off her shoes and curled up beside him. He had no idea what to expect. Placing her hand on his leg, Sarah said, “We got off to a rough start, but I really want us to be friends.” As she moved her hand a little higher, she said “I need your help convincing Robert Lang and Donald

Anything for Her

thought this year," she said. "You know how you let me do you in the ass with a dildo last year?"He smiled ruefully. "Yeah, I do. My ass is still sore from that!"She swatted his butt playfully. "Well, this year, I'd like to see you take a real cock."His smile disappeared. "Babe, you know I don't swing that way."She sighed, and pouted prettily. "I

Dark Fantasy

the bar as well. He approaches me but one look from you and he maintains his distance. You call me to you and tell me to give you my dress. I look at you and plead with you not to make me be naked in front of so many. You tell me again to give you my dress and that you have given me to this man for the evening. You will sit at the bar where I

A guy and his...? 65 Escape?

she had the little whoring bitch now! Um she thought I will have to use her as much as I can. No man could ever satisfy her like this putrid bitch could. Kasha stirred a few hours later still feeling weak though finally able to move. Rashala was sitting at his side as was the Doctor. "Now then," the Doctor said, "sip this remember the last time

Mid-day coffee with Kelly

old man cock.”“Yeah, you like it?”“I love it!”I held on to her hips and let her have it as hard as I could. I bet the people walking past outside could hear us because Kelly was not a quiet lover. She moaned, yelped, and groaned as her orgasm grew closer.Her pussy began to contract and she said, “oh yes, yes, here it comes!”My own orgasm was only

A Lonely Couple Wakes Up - Part 7

I told her. She nodded and relaxed.I slipped in and out of her slowly, thinking about other things to take my mind off of the heat under me. Bridget was hot. Her orgasm was slowly building. She was almost there. I quickened my pace just a little. I was going to be there soon too. The faster I went the closer we both got to the end. Then Bridget

rich boys love 7

"come in leon" the woman was very rude to harvey and said "his name is leonardo dumb ass" i walked in and wispered to him "are you okay" he put a brave face on and said "yea" when i turned around i was meet by about 15 people they all looked at me with judgement. after about a minute i spoke and said "hi im leonardo spencer" harveys auntie said

Heather and Bryan’s New Life

way … but Heather said you were puttering around here and I should come over and see what has you all flummoxed.’ He sat down on the sofa across from Alexus, who crossed her silky legs and noticed him watching. She wagged her finger at her nephew and said ‘Spill.’ ‘It’s this house aunt … Alexus,’ Bryan spoke. It was still hard not to call her

One Day only

in front of the full length mirror, twisting and turning, studying my figure. ‘Not bad.’ I’m not bad at all, for a mother of two. Bringing my hands up to cup my breasts, enjoying how they over fill my hands. Yes, I am one of the lucky ones. When the breasts kept their firmness after all the breastfeeding. Rolling my fingers around the soft pink

My Sexy Red-Headed Stepmother

pussy!....Yeah shove your fingers and tongue inside me Honey!..” My fingers worked on her pussy for a few minutes until I had whipped up a foamy froth inside her vagina. I knew she was ready and I wanted to Fuck Alice real bad! I lifted my head and stepped up to her cute behind I grabbed my hard cock and aimed it as best as I could in the dark

Are You Serious?

him yet. The innocently delighted look on her pretty face got to him and this time there was no stopping the sensation as he started to twitch in her hand.“You know, if you keep holding me like that… well, I’m going to get all excited.” His tone was almost encouraging her to let go, something she showed no signs of doing.“Really?” She looked down

Mr. Henderson

was tall with red hair. The desks in the room were just a mess, and weren't arranged in any sort of way. Everyday we changed the desks to some new layout he had in mind, another thing about his class that I hated."Ok everyone take your seats," Mr. Henderson said."We don't have any fucking seats," Some guy yelled out."Sit anywhere then. We have a


for all that he and Will had done to bless the private lives of Manny and Sully. To Manny had first come Gloria, to brighten his life and give him his son, Sully. And then in his old age, he had gotten Mandy, the widow of Will, who was then the lover and Household Manager for Ambrose as Manny’s companion and lover to shine upon his last few

Gaping my wife

she would show her fist in beside his cock but instead she asked for another cock in her pussy. with just a turn of my head she had another cock in her pussy. I guess the idea of two cocks in her pussy at one time drove her nuts because she started flailing around like a woman possessed and I walked up and shove my cock in her throat. Now if you

Daddy's Girl

myself to my knees. I looked up at him and gave him a sweet little smile. He patted my hair and unzipped his pants. My mouth started to water as he removed his thick hard cock from his boxers. I started to lean forward when he yanked my leash hard, making me fall back on my sore ass. "No. You get to beg for it, pet" he grinned."Daddy," I

my first black cock 4

mushroom head of his beautiful black cock. At this time he began to stir, in a half dream state he was moaning with the pleasure my mouth was giving him. It turned me on to know I was giving him pleasure, in a weird way it gave me self worth. I was his white bitch, his to do what he wanted with and he was my black daddy, dominant and proud.

Day two of our mini vacation

When I awoke I hurt all over. My wife, Ann, made me sleep in a chair by the bed. It was a great spot to view all the action last night, but not the greatest place to get some much needed rest. I was the first to awake. I looked over and saw Ann in the middle of the bed being spooned by Ben as she spooned Josh. I looked around the bedroom to see

Do You Prefer Doctor…or Mistress? Ch. 05

not be a wonderful thing. ‘Oh yes little Johnny,’ he felt a warm tingle in his groin every time she called him that,’ I tried to convince her that men were here to serve as she wished and not to tie herself to one man but she wants the romance and the fairy tale love. So tonight I am going to give it to her but on my terms.’ John was not sure he

Closer to the Heart

‘Devi…Goddess… Devi…’ The words are another mantra, reinforcing his surrender to the perfection of his goddess and sealing it with orgasmic bliss. He chants them as he comes for her, the pleasure now all that he can think of as his mind goes white with bliss and he goes even deeper into trance for her. When he finally relaxes into the afterglow,

A First Meeting

not here, we won't be talking again -- I'll know you've made your decision." With that, your hands leave my face and I hear you blowing out each of the candles, followed by the unceremonious slamming of the door as you exit the room. I am left kneeling in my uncomfortable position on the chilly floor, not entirely sure what has happened. As I

Introduction to Lust

to her back though, so I decided to let her off the hook. "Tell me what you liked about the guy you picked." She thought about that for a bit, and the tension melted away. The knots were almost gone as well. "Well. He is a smaller man, only an inch taller than me. He has a wide smooth chest and I wanted to tease his hard nipples. His jaw line was

Screams of Joy: Part II

felt better than painfully shitting backwards like I had heard, might as well let the adventure continue.” Move down his chest gripping his cock at the base looking up into Craig’s eyes before licking at the tip, tasting it into my mouth and taking in the flavour. “His cum, my cum and a new flavour... not bad, but different.” before taking

Summer Camp Surprise

that have to do with me?” I ask like an idiot. She shoves her phone into my hand and stands up. Her hand is still gripping my cock so I stand up with her. I look around, petrified that someone will see us, but all of the others are over on the far field playing soccer. I gulp, my face turning red, as my cock hardens in my shorts. Despite my

Enounter with my Moms boyfriend

For the longest time he said nothing, and stood there allowing his eyes to trail over my wet, naked body. The right corner of his mouth tugged upwards just enough for there to be a hint of a smile before his lips parted, ‘I’ve always loved the way your tits looked.’ he said bluntly. ‘Bra, or no bra they’re so perfect and perky… it’s like they

A Beautiful Woman

she delights in providing drives me wild with desire. How she looks up at me, with her fingers wrapped around my rigid cock, the head between her warm lips, her slippery tongue playfully exploring every part, the lust in her eyes, just for me.I love how she wants to explore every aspect of her sexuality. She surprised me when she stopped licking

The Little Fat Fairy and the Fucking Fungus

herself down onto the dandelion pouffe, causing her skirt to fly up and reveal her rather substantial knickers.‘Ooo, purple lace today, Daisy,’ leered Mr. Wankles.‘Certainly is, young-fella-me-lad,’ she sighed.‘And what sort of a problem cannot be solved by purple lace knickers?’ The gnome sat back in his cumbersome velour chair. It was old, but

The Succubae Seduction 2: The Twins, Chapter 14

the way we want, instead of always hiding? I know how tired you are of hiding who you really are. Who we really are. With my power, you could have whatever you wanted. Whoever you wanted. You could have had the twins. At the same time, even if you wanted. Why must you keep me locked away? You have no problem using my power to trap beings outside

For Better or Worse: Janet's Story pt. 2

and they could get started as soon as he arrived. Not too long after that, the doorbell rang again, and again Clarice went to answer it. Janet saw Earl as the door opened. Then, she was shocked to see Clarice pull Earl into a deep kiss as he came in the door. They came over and sat on the couch with Clyde and Janet, putting Janet in between Clyde

A Sexagenarians Fantasies Ch. 01

turns into a longing smile, as you whisper ‘It is so beautiful, being made love to in such a pretty place, with such a handsome man on top of me.’ ‘But what about me?’ I ask. ‘As usual, I find it impossible to believe that a woman of your age could be interested, let alone satisfied, by a 66 year old, when you aren’t yet near 40.’ You slap me on

A Soldier's Surrender Pt. 02

growing puddle getting on her boots."You got ten minutes, bitch dog. Take a shower, clean all that shit off you, and dry off. Get the collar and bathing suit off and leave them on the counter in the bathroom. I don't want those smelly things near me. When you're done, crawl into the bedroom. Go over to the sofa and kneel on the slab of granite

The Way She Moves

her hard, her tits bouncing at every thrust.You sit back and let her take control, bouncing on your dick, moaning and grabbing her tits.SHe turns around, and you grab hold of her hips, pushing her hard and fast onto your throbbing cock.She grabs wildly at your shoulders and chest, trying to hold on for dear life as she screams again, sending

Sylvia’s Mother Ch. 28

will be ready when you come down.’ ‘OK,’ Jason said. He lay there and watched her as she slipped into her clothes, without underwear, then left his room. He flopped back on the bed and stared at the ceiling. ‘Damn, why does this week have to be over?’ he thought sadly. ‘I…I’m probably never going to see her again after tomorrow.’ As he lay there,

Frothy Orgasms

the edge of the door frame. ‘You always watch me strip!,’ said Debbie, her husband’s secretary. ‘What is it about me taking my clothes off that so turns you on?’, she asked in a seductive voice. ‘Is it this?’. Ellen watched the minx slide her red skirt up her legs until Ellen could see her stocking tops, and Debbie’s lacy white slip. The slip cut

When Syl Met Erin

very fine soft blonde pubic hair glistened.Wanting to be naked for her, as she was now naked before me, I stood up briefly. As she watched, I pulled loose the side ties of my bikini bottom, letting it, too, fall away into the water. Then kneeling before her again and placing my palms on her inner thighs, I gently pushed her further open; she did


needed to go outside, needed to feel the cooling night air against her skin, needed to feel the breeze coming off of the Sound reminding her body that sooner rather than later, this heat would pass. “Norman! Lily!” she called to her two Great Pyrenees, each of whom in turn rolled over lazily in their sleep and stood up, stretching, staggering

Power Chapter Twenty-Two: Birthdays

both countries, the Union Capital moved to Philadelphia and a peace treaty was signed. Spanish was a breeze. Intro to Psych might have been a problem but Sylvia tutored me and critiqued my papers. I felt confident of a B and hopeful of an A. The math classes were not a challenge, fortunately. Queuing Theory was not just easy but stupid as well.

Kelly’s Quest - Part 3 of 4

the ground. Again it raised and then again so that I was hanging from my wrists. Tingling shocks fired through the clamps and then the voltage increased.“Pleasure,” I shouted. “More pleasure.”“Down”Mom must have understood and I was lowered back two levels and the vibrators sprang to life. It is strange what will trigger memories. I suddenly

Kelsey - "DAD, this is like really SICK.”,

“No Dad Stop.” Prior: Kelsey - “Dad that cannot happen Again”Prior: Kelsey - “Paying The Rent”Prior: Kelsey – “Dad, how could you let that man do THAT to me.”A few days later I had Kelsey get dressed so we could go for a drive. She had been moping around the house. “Where we going Dad?” She was pretty wary of everything now.“Lets drive

Her Toy 1

some things. “Have you explained to your little toy the rules, kitten?” idly tip my cigarette against the ashtray as I watch her tease the bright red little satin fuckme panties behind your ear. Your eyes smoking over softly as you let me take in the sight of it. “have you told our new little friend just what the rules are? Does she know what

Daddy's little kitten

had spilled his coffee stuttering to himself. I grabbed a dishcloth to clean up the mess when I noticed that daddy was bulging again. I turned away blushing, thinking about daddy and realized that I was extremely wet thinking about it. wet enough that my thighs were coated with my sticky juice. Daddy seemed to notice. He coughed and said come

True Love Never Goes Away Ch. 20

into his mouth and nibbled on the hardened nub, eliciting a loud moan from Melanie and she dug her nails into his shoulders. Jason raised his face to Melanie’s and kissed her hard before rolling her onto her back, he took control and began thrusting hard and fast within her. Melanie buried her face in Jason’s neck to muffle her scream of pleasure

Changes Required By Mrs Carter

was maintained in the cab, allowing him to ponder his future as she sat with a contented smile. She left the cab and strutted to their front door without a word, leaving him to scurry out and awkwardly seek the fare from his pocket, in a haste to follow. She stopped at the door and gave him a knowing smile as he approached to notice a banner

Sex With Student

her fully vulnerable body. As I was kneading away on her fleshy arse, I pushed my thumbs into her hole which made her almost scream so loudly that we both were scared it might have woken up Supriya. Fortunately Supriya is a deep sleeper, so there was no question of her waking up before 7am. Simultaneously alongwith kneading her arse I was

My First Time

ago, I wasn’t looking forward to being the new kid in school. Fortunately I’d gotten partnered with Abbey in our tutor class, she was sort of like my welcome package you could say and we just clicked.  We began to hang out all the time, just the two of us, we did almost everything together. It wasn’t long before we were totally inseparable.

Pat meets Peter part 2

words passed between us and he asked if Pat was home. "She's in the bedroom, go on through," Just then Pat shouted asking who was at the door. By this time we were at the bedroom door. As we walked in, Pat was bent over picking something off the floor. A sizeable damp patch was showing in her pants, evident enough for Dave to see. Pat looked


cum slide down my throat. I couldn’t believe I had gotten a man off while I hadn’t. I was extremely wet and aroused. I never knew the satisfaction I could have from giving a man an orgasm. He stood up and guided me back onto the floor. His fingers didn’t waste any time. He played with my wet pussy. He slid them in and fucked me with them. He

Sweet Revenge

up the wetness from between her ass cheeks to her dripping slit, lapping at the wetness and moving the moisture to her little puckered brown hole. He spread her cheeks apart and began to tongue her ass. Lynn relaxed her muscles and gave into the pleasure. It had been awhile since she had her ass licked or fucked. Jim stood up, slipping his

Alice the New Maid Pt. 2

Alice that Mr. Clark demanded that everything had to be done in a certain way, his way. So you had to pay attention to every minor detail. As a maid, Alice would be responsible for keeping the mansion neat and clean, plus serving meals to Mr. Clark and his guests. Although this was her second day working at the mansion, she really liked the

Remembering Rita

she slipped away. The funeral was a celebration of her life. All of her friends and co-workers attended, as well as a great many children whose lives she had touched. I felt so proud of her when I saw so many of those who knew how special she was. We buried Rita in a small plot, not far from that hillside where we had our picnic. I visit her

To Tomorrow

I could see, whether a tree or a small pond or a rock with a distinctive shape, I felt as if I was like a caged animal who was set free again in his last days. I also felt like I was the last member of my species. Maybe because I didn't have a child. With my death, my part in universe was going to end completely. Yet I still didn't feel bad about

The Pussy Factory

layed panting and looking down at him. What she experienced was the most pleasurable thing she had ever felt. She sobbed hard and she was very confused because she knew it wasn't right, but also knowing she thoroughly fucking enjoyed it. Her legs were still quivering from the shock. "Get the hell out of the car. Being in

Amelia the Pirate Queen Ch. 03

see you this evening, mon ami?’ ‘Of course’ Amelia and William left the bar and went back to the longboat. Getting aboard they were rowed back to the ship, anchored in the harbor. That evening, William assigned five men to stay behind on the ship and stand watch, while the rest of the crew were given a preliminary share of gold coin, until the

Andee Heats Up Houston – Day 3

really interested in dragging out the conversation. “You know what,” she finally said. “This isn’t what I had in mind when I came here … this half-hearted guilt for both of us. You invited me here under the guise of a business trip, and things have gone so not where I expected them to go. You, your wife … that would have been good to know before

A Lesson in Honesty

as he reached the brink of orgasm and he groaned loudly, desperate to hold back.“We have always been honest with each other, haven’t we?” she asked and paused to rub his reddened ass with her hands.“Ugh…oh,” Andrew panted and clenched his tender butt. “Yessss,” he hissed as she squeezed his cheeks.“I believe you need to confess something, a

Sweet Talk Ch. 02

Institute and, a few years after graduating, decided to go into business together. Opening a dessert shop had been Jay’s idea, but it was Sam who’d thought of combining it with a cocktail lounge to create a ‘sugar bar.’ They’d been friends for six years, which was why Jason had no problem shooting Sam a pissed off glance. ‘Go away.’ Sensing

Jills party

breasts and grinding my cock into her ass. Jill jumped and told me to stop, that what had happened was a big mistake and that she didn't want it to continue.  The rest of the day I was very boring and I was ready to leave but mom was having a good time drinking and laughing. I was so embarrassed that I hardly said 2 words to Jill the rest of the

New Wife, New Neighbors

screetch out a yes. She continued talking "I would figure you guys don't have any preoblems yet. Newlyweds and all. I think you came over here for more then a welcome to the neighborhood speech, what can we do for you?" She asked. I couldnt talk nor move. I don't know what was happening to me. "Hunny, she is ready now". She yelled into the

Meeting you today

bus. First meetings are always awkward, especially as we are both expecting to go all the way. It’s not like a first date, where you can kiss and run.Thank you for the nice comments about my apartment and the nice things you said about me. You have seen my pics on Lush, I hope I lived up to your expectations. You seemed quite pleased.I hope you

My Sister, The Slut: Friday

felt myself lean in and kiss her. I don’t know what came over me, but she must’ve liked it – or been drunk - because she didn’t pull away. I slid my hand up her smooth, bare thigh and she squeezed her legs together as I reached her young cunt. She moaned as I pressed against her, biting her lip as I guided her over to the couch. Squirming around

Secret Cameras in the House

apart, and positioned himself between her. He moved closer to her and his dick was straining to rip his pants. He rubbed his hips against her hips, just smiling at her.“Blake…what are you doing?”Blake didn’t answer; he moved down and kissed her hard, tasting her sweet little mouth. Sabrina immediately tried to push him away but he was much

A Genny Story… A Weekend in Traverse City

been dating for awhile. I was already madly in love with the girl, but she was slow tomove on to the next step. A Weekend in Traverse CityI am Genny.October in Michigan. If the rain hasn’t washed all the leaves off thetrees it can be the most beautiful season of the year. Melly and I hadbeen dating since mid-summer. By the middle of September we

The Ordeal of Emilia Clarke Ch.5

thrust his cock all the way inside Emilia Clarke's mouth, biting his lips as he struggled to hold on longer. He fucked her face as hard as he could. He held Emilia's head tight despite her choking and gagging. Several seconds later, his balls were pumping his hot load down his daughter's mouth."Holy shit," said Jack, shivering. He slowly pulled

Fraternal Twins - Part 08

the living room. He took her hand and they left the house. They didn't talk as they walked to the Millers house. It was a good two hundred yards down the road and far enough away from any other house so that any noise they would make wouldn't be heard by neighbors. And the porch was on the other side of the house, away from their place. The house

I Need You

full with you inside of me. You lift my legs and place them on your shoulders, you pull out of me so just the tip is inside, and then slam into me hard. Making me scream out, panting and moaning you push harder and harder into me until I'm cumming all over again. You then flip me over and make me get on all fours, you spank me a couple of times,

The Guest Room Ch. 03

grabbed the oil and squeezed out some of it onto his prick and her anus. He spread the lube in and around the entrance of Michèle's virgin asshole, and jerked his dick a couple of times so his dick was lubed up well. Now fully prepared, he put his hard cock at her back entrance again and started pushing his hips forward slowly. Michèle put her

My Maaster

I stayed very still knowing my place was to serve you and waited for you to take what ever you wanted. I felt your hand roam my body, I felt you unzip my black cocktail dress and let it fall to the floor. I was wearing the sexy thong and matching bra you bought me. It fit me beautifully, I heard you whistle in amazement. I felt you undress,

boys from the other side of the tracks

she was hurting so much but it felt so good she let out a loud moan and warrick laughed see slut i knew youd love this mmm you are so tight in the ass i wonder how it would feel wrapped around my cock gina screamed terrified of what was to come. and warrick hit her ass so hard it bruised almost instanly. warrick spat on her ass hole positioning

Vickie's Turning Point

and closed her eyes. Her short skirt was almost at the top of her thighs.Robert leaned over and started gently running his finger across her thighs like he was drawing little diagrams. With each pass across he moved his hands figher up. He reached the hem of her skirt and slowly inched it upward while continuing to run his fingertips across her

At the Pool - Part One

was still catching up. I felt my heart raced a little faster, my face getting flushed and my manhood starting to gently acknowledge this new found arousal.It was then that I saw him turn around again and looked at me, he unconsciously bit his lip, but this time he held my gaze, smiled and openly took in my naked form along with my awakening

Death By Fucking Ch. 10

talk of our emptiness. But she has no emptiness. She spends every evening in Andrew’s arms. I’m not jealous but I am envious. Those are the arms I want to die in. We all had dinner together on Saturday night, agreeing to shelve talk of the next generation until we knew for sure. We had our theories. Andrew is a great one for theories. But this

Holly Bounces Back

empty glass to see what was going on around me in the pub. My eyes didn’t really focus though. I was thinking about what had happened earlier that day. I had walked to my boyfriend’s house to wish him a happy birthday. I had a ‘special’ surprise present for him, if you get what I mean. But when I got there, some blonde chick had beat me to it.

The mirror

And that he wasn't up to par either? “Don't burn your house down until you've moved out of it,” used to say my mother. And I had no intention of moving... after all, he was a good guy. But then some nights that didn't weigh in his favor as much as it should have. I looked across the room and caught the reflection of the bed in the tall closet's

The Island Chapter 3

neither wanting to lose contact. Dreams of her poured through my head. She stirred against me causing tingling sensations to pass through my sleeping body. My hand gently cupped her nipple, feeling it swell unknowingly in response to some deep dreamed touch. I responded unconsciously, hardening as I dream of her. My hands moved in sleep as they

Hailey's Journey Ch. 15

soda. By the time Nick came home, she was bored, lonely, horny, frustrated, and on a incredible sugar high. Nick had to let her run for an hour in the woods, and string her up to a tree with vibrators for another hour before she finally calmed down.After her day off, Hailey was content to get back to routine and evening found her gladly strapped

Bad Penny disciplined

way to stone floors as the Master led Penny downwards once more, and the creak of the oak door and the stench of disinfectant told her she was back in the Cellar where she had been imprisoned."There, climb onto the seat would you?" he asked as he removed her blindfold..Penny obeyed sliding along smooth polished wood top of the saw horse until he

Cheerleaders, Jocks, and Geeks

looked at her lips in hunger. I wanted them around it. I wanted to feel her tongue and her tongue only as it flicked against the head. "Gretch..." Her sweaty hands jerked me off as I craned my head to kiss her. The jerking came to an end as her mouth engulfed it. As soon as the head of my cock hit her throat, she gagged. I quickly pulled out in

Old Head:

or not, he had reserved a hotel room which he had failed to mention until after dinner and after I had several drinks. I guess he was “saving me” from driving home by offering me a place to stay. He obviously thought that just because I was so much younger that I was going to fall for his tricks. Well, I guess in the end I proved to have tricks

Summer of Surrender Part 2

or feel how stiff her nipples were beneath her blouse as her heavy breasts were squashed against the equally heavy breasts of this gorgeous woman. The firmness and heat of Silvia’s body filled her with lust. Silvia pushed Lottie back a little and surveyed her as she held her with a hand on each shoulder. “It’s so lovely to see you,” she purred.

Cherry Red Corvette

we sat and chatted. It seemed like he had been all talk because he was not doing anything, so I took the first move away from him. I reached down and put my fingers on my pussy and started rubbing around in circles. I looked at Craig and told him “This could be your fingers or your tongue or your big cock, if you want.” He almost lost it and in

Sex With Liz

floor, so I’d never met her before. She was ten years older than me, very attractive with dark eyes, black hair, and a wicked sense of humor, we hit it off immediately. I asked her out, which eventually led to her bedroom and a long night of sex. We were so sexually compatible that this blossomed into a year-long fuck-fest, romping naked three

Renee, Conclusion

with my sister-in-law for the weekend, and Tammy had just left for her job at the local grocery store. She was a customer service manager, but only worked on weekends. I was trying to do as little as possible, and enjoy the rare peace and quiet. After a quick breakfast, I went back to bed to try and catch up on some sleep. I’m not sure how long I

A blow job with a difference

on a pittance. Now, she was looking for all the part-time work that she could find. It was while she was having breakfast one morning, still in her robe and her hair in a towel, when she saw the ad in her local paper. It read: ‘Wanted: female model for art class. Top rates paid.’ ‘That looks interesting,’ she thought, as she nibbled her toast.

East of Nowhere Part 3- Trying Again- Revised

like a small castle. In front of the inn was a big notice board with wanted posters, and job postings and such. That was the first place to stop when getting into a new town of course, besides the inn for some cold mead, bread and some hot food. The town was completely barren. There was no one in sight. Leaves were swirling around the town,

A Night in Jamaica

I stop and tell you that I want your ass and you tell me ‘another time’ I tell you I am going to hold you to that. At that point your hand slides down and begins to rub your clit as I eat you I slide a finger inside you and then a second and work on your g-spot you continue to work your breasts with one hand as your second joins mine at the

Office Buzz

always got the job done. After a night of orgasmic bliss, I fell contently to sleep. Knowing the next day didn't have much on the schedule, I prepared myself for being bored and leaving the office early. When I woke up I realized I hadn't yet put my toy away from the other night and the box of other toys was laying next to my bed. One in

The Last Song

read the book and heard bad things about the movie, so it took some urging. A blow job and hickie took care of that. We were soon already about halfway through the movie. Personally, I was loving it and was strangely aroused, but Austin rolled his eyes every now and then, calling Miley Cyrus a slut, something I couldn’t possibly deny. The only

Springbreak Part II

She had only ever had anal twice with Josh, and both times she hated it. "Get up on my ass" Fred said. Stephanie looked at Josh pleadingly, who gave her a look that said you better do it. Fred stuck two fingers, coated with saliva up her ass. She gasped. Stephanie was too tired to fight, and just gave in rather than do anything more to

Fantasy Island Day 2

you play chess?’ I asked. I clear the coffee table from all the things that were on it and Darren laid out the game. Red and yellow oriental pieces. ‘Ay! I wouldn’t mind a set like this myself.’ He said, looking at the detail of each piece. I tap his hand to encourage him to start a game. I knew he would be good at chess, because most ‘alpha

An Affair To Remember

and sucking on his balls as you satisfied yourself, while she desperately fingering her dripping pussy. Relief was soon to be hers, as the wandering man approached the kneeling wife from behind, lifted her dress and mounted her, burying his cock to it’s base in a single thrust. She let out a huge gasp but never looked back to see her benefactor


chick who might either be popular and/or a slut? The chick that not-so-casually shows that thong as she struts? Yup, Courtney. She supposedly doesn’t hang with losers. Yet she doesn’t respond to catcallers. You know her? I do. All too well. Courtney had a certain confidence to her that was undeniable. She made girls mad. She made other boys want

In Control Ch. 03

against her folds, smiling down at Marcus. He had stayed close. "I want you to lick my clit while I fuck him." She said just as she began to slide down Richard, moaning in pleasure.Richard groaned out, his back arched as Debra began to ride his cock. He had the perfect view of her ass as she rode him reverse cowgirl. Throbbing inside of her, he

The Seeding

It was harvest time and that meant that he had to talk to people and go into the space port to negotiate the price he got for his crops and time, hopefully enough to get out of here or at least get better equipment. Sighing he didn't like going into town when he had nothing to hide, but now shit! he was afraid for hisself and the little


the chores the girls used to do and generally helping around the home. I was now happy as a girl and had many great mother-daughter days with Ruby and my mom.Things were to change dramatically when Stan was injured while playing rugby and had to give up most of his sporting activities. This situation hit him very severely. To make things worse,

A Day in the Life and Mind of a Pervert

headed straight for the shower.First, he washes his shoulder-length blond hair, putting in the shampoo, followed by washing his body. He lathers up his arms, then his chest and finally his legs, before rinsing away the lather in the same order. He rinses out the shampoo and replaces it with conditioner before reaching for the shaving gel.

Rainy Day Fantasy Ch. 04: Fun

and I curl up on the couch, trying to find a comfortable position with my hands the way they are. Thanks to the cock ring I'm still pretty hard. "What a day," I think to myself. The end Epilog I awake to the smell of freshly brewed coffee. I barely open my eyes to see the bright sunshine streaming into the room. I wonder where I am while I slowly


felt my balls would explode and so I asked, “Please Mama, can I cum now? Oh God, I don't think I can hold out.” “Dear Master, I'm..oh, I am forever your fuck slave. You cum any time you want, anywhere you want. Do with me as you wish Master. We are all your loyal servants. Fill Mama's pussy with your hot royal cum gold.” I turned around in the

Me and Jill

parents to know about that! Let alone the school board" In a flash of light i was down to nothing trying to cover my semi erect cock. Jill took her time and damn with every peice of clothing she lost my cock grew bigger. By the time she got to her bra i wass stroking my shaft slowly marveling the sight of her c-cups. I started jacking off faster

"Whore" Losers

after lying down on the bench, put them up to her own face, inhaling and tasting the sweet juice. Spreading her legs and sucking on two of her fingers, she began simultaneously fingering her moist cunt. Watching Ashley play with her voluptuous breasts while grinding on the freshman’s face was one of the hottest things she had ever seen. Soon,


too!’ He declares this little tidbit proudly. I groan and roll my eyes heavenward. ‘Oh, that’s awful!’ He raises himself up, kneeling between my legs and I get an eyeful of his nice bouncy erection. There’s a drop of pre-cum glistening at the tip, like a drop of clear sugar glaze on a pastry I like to think. ‘Can I fuck your belly button, baby?’

Tempestuous Changes

shock. Everyone in the room was silent, waiting for her. Melissa, like a true professional, started on her lines. The intervening scene of Berni wandering over to her, kneeling down and clicking her fingers in her face was not on the agenda; but at least the audience would not be aware of the digression.The play continued and Melissa pushed the

21st Century Subterranean Slavery Pt. 08

slave failing to display even the faintest lack of enthusiasm for the clients viewing them. With each lash like her sister slaves, she gradually put on a better, eager to be chosen expression.For some reason the cell block Super's hypnotic session before the lineup; had a powerful effect on her consciousness. Despite her initial defiant stance

Missy Learns About Marriage Ch. 01

true to my word I took her to lunch and then drove to the JP and ten minutes later we were married. As we got back onto my vette in the parking lot I think the reality was finally taking hold in young Missy.“After work Mr. Hernandez, will I take the bus to my apartment as usual?’ She asked.“We are not going back to work today Missy, I am taking

Interview With The Tentacle Demon Chapter 3: Surrender

skin crawled as they made their way across her belly, around her back again, and then towards her rib cage. At that point they separated and took a sharp turn to curl around her firm D-cup breasts, encircling her mounds more than once. The tips of the tentacles reached her nipples and started to gently rub them, while the coils began to squeeze

Any Given Saturday, In Summer.

gets her drink sits down on a bar stool legs wide open and with both her tits on show watches as the girls make their moves on the selected boys. Lou allows the remaining boys to grope her tits; French kiss her and even finger her pussy. Liz stands beside me and allows the boys to do the same to her as they are doing to her daughter. At about

Eyes Open

grunt as you slide completely down onto my cock. I moan as well, whimpering after a moment when my eyes try to slide shut of their own accord again.You hold me there for a moment, looking down at me, breathing deeply, full breasts rising and falling with the motion of your chest. My gaze wanders dazedly, darting, eyes scanning your body, then

The Demon of My Dreams

in unnatural light. So strange, yet so beautiful. Pulling me in, his warmth brought me from my praising thoughts. His body was hard, yet smooth. It fit to me perfectly, bringing about the problem that it was not close enough. Breathing in his otherworldly smell of bonfire and salt, I pushed away. Looking into his mesmerizing eyes, I slowly

What A Thursday!

have at it. Mike lifted my hips up and slid his thick stiff dick into my pussy. I think I stiffed up a little but Steve was right there and even helped by shoving my hips into his friends waiting cock. I knew in the back of my head that it was going to go that far but I found my self surprised at what I was doing.             I moved my

Dreams of Jeannie Ch. 02

her mouth.’ Dave’s eyes bulged at where all this was going. ‘I’d be happy to wish that for you. Would you like that?’ Joe asked. ‘Yes..yes, that would be great,’ Dave said. ‘Jeannie, I wish for you to suck Dave’s cock to enhance it with your magic,’ Joe said. ‘Yes, Master,’ she said, breathing deeply. She stood and walked over to Dave. Her body

The Visit

lips to her breast, gently sucking her nipple and waiting for her next words. They never came and it was then that I began to hear other short kissing sounds and felt some shifting around on the bed. My eyes were starting to adjust to just the dim light coming from the hall and I could see her kissing him, so I slipped my hand down between her

Alien Sex

experience mimics that of the others. She plays a victim, but that is her strategy. Something about it satisfies her lust, her inner craving, one that ultimately changes lives and quite possibly the footprint of the human race on this planet. He forced his way onto her, blindly prodding her with his depraved cock. He had no care other than to get

Alien Abduction

let me know what you think. I was captured from my home sometime during the night. I woke startled to see that I was naked inside a room. It appeared to be a bedroom, and it even had a bathroom with a shower. But the metal door to the room remained locked. I sat up in bed when the door opened. A shadowy figure entered the room. As he moved into

For the Cowgirls

don’t have to thank me” Dean replied. He blushed slightly and looked down to pick at the grass beneath him. “I don’t get to ride with a beautiful woman like yourself just any day.”Iris blushed as well, and lowered her eyes. When she looked up at him again, he had moved a little closer. She stared into his deep blue eyes and felt herself flush

Close Your Eyes

“nipping and tugging on your (my) lower lip”, and because our eyes were closed, our tongues were "dueling across the threshold of our lover’s kiss”. It just adds to the passion of it all.And when your eyes are closed, it's much easier, and more real when you recall,“….the ragged, gasping breaths of last night’s ecstasy … When I was buried balls

Poker Night with a Twist

Taking this as encouragement, I sucked on her clit, until it grew bigger. Pushing two fingers inside Brandy's dripping snatch, I fingered her pussy roughly, and she moaned louder. Her hips bucked against my hand, and she sucked Amy's tongue in rhythm with my fingers. Amy cupped Brandy's breasts, then broke the kiss to pull off the blonde's shirt

Broken Birds, Part 14, Harem Night

The girls made me promise that I wouldn’t take this all on my shoulders.” He walked Tim over to the girls.Beth had a stern look on her face. “Dad, you promised.” He nodded and had Tim repeat everything.Now caught up, Tim continued,” Anyway the McDale kid is having a pretty bad time. Apparently he’s queen of the prom in his cellblock. The

Dawn over Sun Valley Ch. 02

cross the road so that we can appreciate it fully.’ He held out his hand without thinking, she took it naturally. He regretted it the moment their fingers touched, but couldn’t bring himself to let go. Instead he squeezed her palm a little tighter and turned towards the road, paused for a quick look to make sure there was no oncoming traffic,

Sarah, Chapter 5-B

up tight against me. As I crawl in between them and spread my arms to gather them closer, I’m warmly greeted with a flood of kisses. After each gives me a nice deep kiss, they both start working their way down my body, arriving at my nipples at the same time; they both start licking, kissing and nibbling on them. Just like on a girl, mine get

Prejudice Ch. 02

trees nearby, but none of the Russian soldiers seemed affected. The German truck started to burn. The firing died down to an occasional shot from either side. Then suddenly the tanks showed up. They were squat, ugly things moving slowly, but they turned directly toward the trench. Niki could clearly see the flashes from the machine gun in one

1981 Geeorgeann's bike ride

that paid enough for him to live. I found out he did welding and knew how to drive a wrecker. I didn't say anything or offer him a job, I wanted to know more about him. I told him I was 17 and the mother of 3, been with my guy for almost 10 years. He couldn't believe I was a day older then 14! This guy knew how to make my ego ballon!!!A half hour

Snuff Junkie

I feel alive too. We bond. But things are getting out of hand. My snuff sessions have become too frequent. The missing girls are racking up; the photos of their beautiful faces, taken at far happier times, are splashed over the front pages of every concerned newspaper; their images reminding me, taunting me even, of all the fun things I’d done

My wife and daughter are Bi.

DADDY !?! I smiled and said, Well, well, well. What do we have here? I didnt realize that you two had gotten so close. I put my dripping cock head to my wifes face. Open your mouth. Jane did as I said. I pushed myself into her mouth. Suck it clean, Darling. Fran stood next to the bed with one forearm across her tits and the other hand in front of

Special Evening

"Anywhere!! Everywhere!! I want it!!" You pant breathlessly. I'm now low enough on your body to rub my swollen cock on your belly. I circle your navel a few times with the tip, then I place the mushroom head right on your navel and press in. You moan and I lean down nose to nose with you. We look into each other's eyes and through clenched teeth

The Wheel Chair

It was her husband returning. Honey quickly cleaned up my load on the table with her big pink bra. She then placed it with the other ones in the box on my lap. She leaned down to pick up the other boxes. I rolled in front of her, down her driveway. "Hey! Did you buy my lawn?" said Mr. Combs. "Not quite. But I did buy allot from you wife. She

ERIKA THE SEX SLAVE (chapter 4-6)

keeps eyeing Erika. "She's lovely isn't she?" I say. "Mhmmm," was Ross could muster. Ross was a 40-ish year old man. He wastall and skinny and thick beard. He stroked his beard and eyed Erikaagain. "Erika come over here," I said. Erika stand and walks over to me, passing Ross. She stands in front ofme, and I grab the leash and pull it


head from my cock. “I’ll see you Monday morning. Call me if you run into any problems. I should be here all day.”Looking down at Sheila I had to laugh. Her tongue was playing with my cock and it was responding big time to her efforts. “Looks like you have a one-track mind…just like me.” I pulled her up on her left side, her back to me as I

A Little Light Hypnosis

out and help you all. And I bet I can guess what some of you might be thinking at this point. Even if I set up a practice right at the bottom of your street, you’d still be in no position to fork out for my exorbitant fee — am I right? Well, there may be some truth in that, I have to admit. But the good news is that if you want to use

The War Against Sociopaths

your brother or sister. Your co-worker, the old lady who lives down the street, the homeless dude on the street corner, or the cop in the cruiser. They can be anyone at all. The Darkness is out there, immortal and everlasting, and the Sociopaths add fuel to its power with their every misdeed. It’s trying to achieve Threshold, which simply means

Alone for the Holidays

me crying and knew it was over. Their mother, grandmother, and sister had passed away. Everyone was in tears especially me. God gives us one life to make the best of and I felt I ruined hers. Why lord, why take her? Why didn’t you take me instead. I don’t want to be alone, I want my wife back. I don’t care if we argued everyday. I don’t care what

Lisa has a nightmare

it twitched, at which point I wanted to teach her a thing or two. I was frozen for a moment as her hand explored my manhood when I realized where my arm was. She had strattled my arm to get close to me, as I’m a bigger guy anyway, and now my hand was right at her young pussy. Dare I? I turned it slightly and ran my fingers against her through

Dirty Weekend, Though Not For Me

Without warning, she collapsed onto the bed as her first orgasm swept over her. Moaning and swearing, Mr Ten still had two fingers pumping in and out of her pussy as it began to subside. She rolled over, letting his hand slip out of her, looked straight at me and breathed, “Which one of these do you want to see in me first?” Without giving me

Bedroom Antics

entrance. After some attempts, all far from the mark, and seeing that the bride herself did not know what to do, Martha rushed forward and guided him in to his wife's vagina. He thrust brutally in to her, causing her to yelp in pain as he pierced her maidenhead with no regard for her comfort at all. Fortunately Angelica took this to be the usual

Maid For Serving?

her she jumped backwards and felt how easy his cock slid into her wet engorged pussy and she grinded on him. She felt the bloow returning to her tit and moaned inside herself as she finally felt him in her taking his property. She felt the arm restraint loosend and the blood flowing and her bondage lessen as she rode herself on the wave. As she

Driving the babysitter home.

how odd that would feel.Ann was alone in the kitchen, she told me that Susan was in the rest room and would be ready to leave in just a minute. I just gave her a quizzical look, and she said, "It will all be good, Susan understands what you need to do, so don't worry about it, take your time with her.  I will be waiting in bed, when you get

Wonderful Friends

can always stop.” “I’m not going to stop.” “Show me.” Elizabeth rose to her knees and straddled his waist. She reached between her legs and grabbed his hardness. “Like this?” she asked. He nodded and grinned. “I don’t think you need to ask.” He felt her move his meat up and down her slit, pausing as it approached her opening. “You want this?” she

A Reluctant Daughter

fact that he liked to stare into my eyes as he violated my pussy. Every time we fucked he had to watch my face. Sicko.“You can cum for daddy,” he whispered, all the while keeping his eyes trained on me. “Cum on daddy’s fingers you slut. You like this don’t you. Oh, I can feel it coming. Do you want it baby. You want daddy to make you cum.”From

The Fall of York Ch. 49-57

Millie and pestered her with dozens of questions. Abigail felt the need to intervene and get the two young people together again, but Mrs. Croyden cautioned her against any direct action. She suggested allowing Millie to bask in her sudden popularity. There would be other opportunities to bring the two together. By the time the afternoon function


the orgasm. When it had subsided I copied her. Holding her bum with both hands as she wriggled and my tongue, She cried out as I had done as she shit climax and then lay back exhausted. The guys were still very horney and her man was as hard as a rock. I took his thick length in my hand ,pushing his heavy foreskin back and forth. I saw that she

Titcage (Chapter 37)

resting her enhanced tits on the mattress. Her father dumped Steph, naked, on the bed, pushed her legs wide apart, and began to fuck her missionary-style. Steph lay still at first, unresisting, but before long her conditioning took over and she began to buck her hips against her father's cock, desperate to be raped, desperate to cum.Her father

My First Boyfriend – Part One

being the new kids on the block we bonded quickly. He was two years older than me at eighteen and I had just turned sixteen a few months back. He was also taller and had more muscles than I did. He had tan skin and black hair where I was pale and had brown hair. He stood almost six feet tall and I was about five foot six. We played ball, fished,

Forbidden lust

cock in his hand he began wanking himself, his hand going slowly back and forth along the shaft. Unconciously he pushed forwards as he wanked until the tip of his cock pushed against his daughters pussy, parting her lips slightly.His excitement mounted and he rubbed faster, thrusting his hips gently as his cock pushed against his daughhters pussy

A Wish Fulfilled

groan and she noticed him standing there. She raised herself up as he reached out to stroke her soft cheekbone. She stood, grabbing the nearest towel and wrapped herself in it as she stepped from the tub. They walked hand in hand to the bedroom. They embraced and kissed and it was like fireworks. Her hands placed on his broad chest, gripping his

Brad's First Time - 15 years later

thong. Brad dug through Angie’s purse and drew out her bright red lipstick as Angie hung uncomfortably from the ceiling.“Ill just write a few instructions before I go” he said.“Go?” Angie thought, “GO!?” She felt Brad pressing the opened lipstick against her skin. He was writing something on her back, “What is he writing?” she thought. Brad

Model to slut in one easy lesson

me, gently pushing in to the knuckles then pulling out, his face was on my stomach his tongue flicking at my clitoris. The pleasurable sensations from my pussy stopped, he’d pulled his hand out and moved his tongue away as he stood up. He knelt between my legs at the end of the patio chair, leaned forward and pushed his tongue where his fingers

Felicity Ch. 55

brain. ‘Confess what?’ ‘Asshole!’ I hugged Ivy to me and kissed her. I pressed her ass to me and stopped her fuck. We stared into each other’s eyes. She had tears in hers. ‘I’m afraid I have fallen madly in love with you,’ she said. I confessed. ‘I am in love with you.’ We kissed as her tears covered my face. We had intense orgasms even though

Fluff Boy/Bound To Please

were a very good boy’ and ‘i enjoy having sex play with you, but of course tonight is reserved for me to keep the feeling of my lover with me’ , and kiss me on the lips. However, You are not allowed to orgasm tonight nor are You allowed to have Your cock in me. I wish to retain the feeling of every motion, every taste, every scent, every throb of